We are specialist in chilli peppers but our Kwekerij didn’t start that way. Grandpa Mooijman started the nursery in 1934. He cultivated in cold ground and grapes in 5 hothouses. Furthermore he grew tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and melons under glass.

After his sons Jan and Piet followed in his footsteps, the cucumbers became the main cultivation. Meanwhile Piet left and Jan continued on his own.  Subsequently his son Arthur joined him. In 2004 Arthur became the sole proprietor. He expanded by buying a piece of land from the neighbour. Also the nursery was completely renewed to the business it is today.

A total make over

In 2012 we started a few rows of peppers and mini cucumbers. During the following years the cucumbers made room for peppers and mini cucumbers. And by September 2016 the peppers had totally taken over. Consequently they were the sole cultivation. As a result we became the specialist in chilli peppers.

Specialist in chilli peppers

We have the ambition to be the specialist in a diversity of (very) hot peppers. Therefore we grow a diversity of Habanero, Naga’s and Trinidad Scorpions. In addition we also grow specials like the Carolina Reaper, Madame Jeanette, Shishito, Aji Amerillo and Rocoto. Most of these varieties are cultivated in more colours like red, yellow, orange, green and brown.

We like to tell you more about chilli peppers: read more on this page about the fascinating world of peppers.


Apart from the change in cultivations, the nursery changed enormously in energy and water consumption. The water system is closed since 2019, which means that all drain water is reused.

Since 2017 we have solar panels on the roof. This means we can use our own electricity for cooling and water pumps. Furthermore the consumption of gas is reduced by installing moving screens which keep out the cold in the winter time.

Pests and plagues on the plants are kept under control by biological control agents. If that doesn’t suffice we use biological pesticides instead of the chemical ones. In this way we are able to produce a very clean product which fulfills all criteria of supermarkets.


Our nursery is certified for:

Global GAP

This means Good Agricultural Production. It is a protocol developed by European supermarkets to guarantee food safety. With this protocol we prove that our peppers are grown in a sustainable way. This international standard focusses on:

  • Minimalization of environmental pollution.
  • Reduction of crop protection products.
  • Effective and efficient use of natural resources (water, energy, biological control agents).
  • Care for the health, wellbeing and safety of our workers.
  • Conservation and improvement of the flora and fauna in the direct environment of our establishment.


This stands for ‘Risk Assessment on Social Practice’. It is a voluntary addition to the GG certificate. It judges the social practices in our company. The focus is on the health, safety and wellbeing of our workers. Also the collective labor agreement for the greenhouse and horticulture sector, labor contracts, working hours, payout are checked.

Here you can  find more information on this certificate.

On the Way to Planet Proof

This is an independent quality mark which guarantees that our peppers are grown sustainably and therefore a better choice for nature, climate and animals.

We aim to burden our planet as little as possible. In this way we go for a more sustainable way of cultivation. So every year we reduce our energy consumption. As a result we also reduce our greenhouse gas emission. We also reduce our consumption of chemical pesticides which benefits nature.

By reusing all our rest water we save on both water and fertilizer consumption. And last but not least we separate our waste for recycling.

Here you can get more information about this quality mark.