A pepper with a ta(i)le

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Trinidad scorpio

Trinidad Scorpion

Scoville: 800.000 – 1.200.000

This pepper is available in several colours. It is a typical fruit with a scorpion like tail. Before 2013 the Trinidad Scorpion was considered the hottest pepper. Now it is overtaken by the Carolina Reaper.

At first (read: the first bites) this pepper doesn’t taste so hot. But the heat builds in small increments. In other words: this pepper is super spicy with a soft, fruity aftertaste. It is mostly used in fresh salsa’s, chilli, soups and sauces.

The name is derived from its origin: it comes from Trinidad & Tobage. From the district ‘Moruga’ to be precise. That’s why this pepper is also named the Moruga Scorpion. En the ‘scorpion’ part in the name? That’s the tail which is very similar to the tail of a scorpion. (Bron: Heatsupply).

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