Shishito noodles

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Shishito noodles


– 50 g shishito
– 150 ml sriracha sauce
– 2 red bell peppers
– 1 red spanish pepper
– 4 g salt
– 1 onion
– 4 cloves of garlic
– 250 g chinese egg noodles
– 20 ml stir fry oil


Start with heating a pan with water and salt and heat the oven up to 180 degrees C.
Remove  the seeds from the shishito peppers en the red bell peppers. Clean the onion and the garlic.

Cook the chinese egg noodles as indicated on the packaging.

Rub the shishito with a little stir fry oil and salt, place them on the baking tray in the oven en roast them for 15 minutes untill they show a nice golden brown colour.

Stir fry the red bell peppers, the red spanish pepper and the onion on high heat and deglaze with the sriracha sauce. Add the roasted shishito peppers to the sauce and stir. When the noodles are cooked and strained, add them to the sauce. Stir well and taste to check the flavour.

The dish is ready to present on the table, good appetite!

This was a recipe from:
Westland peppers

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